We are a fundamentally bilingual (French and English) humanitarian Organization, working in the health and well-being sector in general, and which, for the official launch of its activities, launches an extensive membership campaign with the aim of mobilising the maximum number of human resources to achieve its objectives (the satisfaction of the general interest with the population and for the population).

Founded in Cameroon in 2018 as World Medical Students (WMS), and incorporated in Canada in May 2022, GHO is a non-profit, non-political, non-denominational, gender, ethnicity, race, nationality, profession, religion, residence, rank and social class association with legal personality.

GHO is also and above all a team of young students (professionals and non-health professionals) dynamic and hyper-motivated coming from all walks of life, and having decided to pool their knowledge-to build a vast network of multidisciplinary skills (medical and extra-medical) to be used for the search for practical, effective, efficient, prompt but above all sustainable solutions, aimed at solving problems related to Public health and well-being, in particular the well-being of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged sections of society.

The non-profit Organization, GHO has a dual purpose: On one hand, the facilitation and optimization of the training of health professionals through a pooling of various theoretical and practical experiences (“Knowledge and experience sharing”). On the other hand, it fights by all means, for the progressive improvement of living conditions and above all, of the life expectancy of the local and urban populations of Canada, Cameroon, Africa, and the entire world; while providing the latter with products and services under the object.

The registered office of the Organization is located in Ottawa, capital of the Canada, Ontario Province.

Membership in GHO may be made directly at the time of membership campaigns or at any other favourable time, either directly at the head office or through a member of the Executive Board or the Board of Directors; or even online on the official WMS website.

It is interesting, and even advantageous to join GLOHEALTH Organization for several reasons. As the list is not exhaustive and subject to each making his own idea. You may join GHO for: 

    • Access new theoretical and practical knowledge, update already obsolete knowledge or apply theoretical knowledge (capacity building);
    • Improve his CV and thus expand his opportunities;


    • Increase its political, economic and social profile;


    • To have the privilege of participating in a salutary humanitarian work;


    • Facilitating socio-professional integration and benefiting from new opportunities (study grants, placement of students in national and foreign universities and training schools, academic and professional internships, health evacuations, support towards self-employment, etc.);


    • Build relationships and expand contacts (portfolio development);


    • To make an act of citizenship by participating in the maintenance and protection of the environment (cleaning up the environment) and of the vulnerable sections of society, by fighting against the social scourges that plague our society (procuring, sexual exploitation and abuse, paedophilia, trafficking in humans, human organs, human bones, corruption, inertia, arbitrariness, deforestation, desertification, environmental pollution, etc.);


    • Participate in the social cohesion of the Cameroonian populations through intercity and inter-rural trips for sociocultural exchanges;


    • Be a health advocate and thus fight to prevent diseases within his family, to reduce the prevalence of public health diseases;


    • Contribute to the expansion of health coverage;


    • To participate in the search for solutions to the serious problems threatening the human species, by working in a team with various people from various backgrounds and practitioners in fields as varied as diverse;


    • To be not only the representative for young people and students in particular, as well as the vulnerable sections of society and thus guarantee a minimum respect for the right to health in their regard, but also to guarantee a minimum of assistance and follow-up to all the needy populations (especially the most disadvantaged);


    Benefit from a reduced rate for participation in events organised by GHO and WMS… etc.

  • Be at least an undergraduate student. (for student applicants) or,


  • Be at least 18 years of age at the date of enrolment (for all applicants not in school). Otherwise, the person concerned must provide an express parental authorization and comply with the special provisions laid down for minors in the Orhanization’s bylaws.


  • Send a membership application, specifying: Last Name(s) and first name(s) of the applicant ; the full address of the applicant, his motivation and, if possible, some evidence of his quality or professional experience (attached); the date and signature of the application.
  • Provide all documents and information required by the Rules of Procedure for accession


(see below for details).


  • Fill out and submit your application form on the WMS website at wmeds.org (for remote applicants) or fill out and file your application directly at WMS headquarters, or give it to a member of the Board of Directors or the Executive Board, identifiable by wearing a badge certified by the President.
  • The Human Resources Director (assisted as necessary by the Secretory General) shall carry out a systematic review of the membership file for the purposes of verifying the compliance of the information, this in order to issue a favourable or unfavourable opinion inherent to the rights of access in the Organization.
  • Wait for a response to your application:
  • The reply may be favourable or unfavourable and, depending on the case, express or tacit, in particular in the case of refusal. Refusal for any reason, excluding discrimination, does not have to be notified and/or justified (even if notified to the applicant) unless the Boardone means of decides otherwise (in this case, the reasons for the refusal must be communicated to the person concerned via one means of communication of the Organization).
  • Thefavourable response to an application for membership is always express, as it is on the occasion of this reply that the HR Manager will ask the applicant who has become a member of GHO to complete his information or to complete all the formalities related to membership.

NB: Exceptionally for this first GHO (2022) exercise, the amounts provided for by the rules of procedure for memberships will be reduced. Thus, registration will be free, membership will cost 5,000 CFA francs (for Cameroon and the other countries of the CEMAC sub-region), and 30 CAD  (for Canada and any other foreign country/outside the CEMAC area)

  • Appropriate (pay for) your outfit wearing the logo of the association, for the holding of the various activities, meetings and events(for example: T-shirt, Polo, Cap, Jogging set, etc.).
  • Reflect a good image of GHO through its behaviour and actions, and defend GHO‘s interests when they are threatened.


  • Respect its commitments to the Organization (commitment of all kinds).
  • Be by default an active and dynamic volunteer, and put his skills and service to the benefit of the general interest of GHO.
  • Request express permission from GHO to belong to a competing Organization.
  • Facilitate the updating of  his membership file through regular updates of its information.

Any candidate for membership of GHO becomes if their application is confirmed, a member of the GLOHEALTH Organization (GHO), and is therefore required to observe the above obligations. However, in return for these obligations, any member of GHO is entitled to:


  • Have a membership Certificate, confirming his membership in the Organization;


  • Have certain advantages, privileges and benefits of the association;
  • To be elected or appointed to a position of responsibility if he meets the criteria;
  • Access to the Statutes and Bylaws of the Organization;
  • Has symbolic motivation where possible;
  • Respect for his dignity and private life by the Organization;
  • To participate in the work and projects of the Organization if he is selected or designated for this purpose;
  • To make suggestions, and to take part in the various meetings to which he is invited;
  1. One (01) copy of a valid identity card (for Cameroonians) or passport/similar identification (for foreigners);
  1. One(01) copy of the student card or any other proof of student status (for students), or the production of any document that can justify the member’s professional status (for workers)
  1. One (01) professional digital photo with good resolution/quality (for the identification of the applicant and preparing membership cards, badges, business cards and other administrative or official documents of the association);
  1. Any other information that can be used to keep the association’s membership file up to date (consistency will be completed later if necessary):
  • One (01) Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • One (01) copy of the highest degree or transcript;

 A draft or proposal for a project of general interest to be carried out in the short, medium or long term within GHO (optional).