Un étudiant en Médecine ou en Sciences de la Santé est avant tout un modèle pour son entourage. Et ce modèle se découvre en osant, en faisant des actions pour le bien-être commun. Vous êtes des modèles à […]
SCHOOL OUTCOMES Dans la Santé Publique et l’épidémiologie les étudiants nous ont approchés dans l’optique de savoir quels sont les ouvertures de la filière après une licence et ou un Master. Nous ne nous sommes pas limités sur […]
We are World Medical Students and we use everything necessary to improve the quality of training of health personnel and also the level of education of local and international populations regarding their Health and Well-being. This activity organized by the Department of Education will be conducted by peers (Students in General Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Public Health, Clinical Biology, Pharmacy and others) for a better understanding. If you are selected for this activity, you will have videos to do on very specific topics (parts of the course). It could be just a tip or more. But your video should not be longer than 6 minutes. *You will have a certificate that will make a big plus in your CV. *You will also have more credibility in the world since the videos will be broadcast around the world. *You will finally have unparalleled experience and certainty. Good luck !!!
Congratulations to these WMS-IMEP Participants, Medical, Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy Students from 13 Countries in the World. They filled out our registration form 2 months ago, and today they are a part of this journey. Each Participant in this program henceforth has an exchange partner from a different country, studying in a similar branch.
Among 84 applicants for the World Medical Students International Medical Exchange Program 2021, we selected these outstanding Participants to represent their Countries (Universities) throughout the program. The were selected on the basis of their Resumes and their ability […]
Ce formulaire est mis sur pied par le département de l’éducation et des affaires académiques de World Medical Students en vue de recenser vos idées de sujets de discussion pour les forums WhatsApp de WMS . De recenser […]
An average human being can only survive about three to four days without water. This just tells us how important water is for our existence. Either taken through our food or as a drink, it is essential to […]
We are launching an international Medical Exchange Program (IMEP) For Medical, Biomedical Sciences and Public Health Students Worldwide. The aim of IMEP is to creat an atmosphere where Medical Students from different countries will interact in a professional and horizontal manner to share information and knowledge about theirs academics and their respective health systems. This is to improve the capacities, complementarity and the performance of both parties. You can either register as an AMBASSADOR, a PARTICIPANT or Both.
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