We are launching an international Medical Exchange Program (IMEP) For Medical, Biomedical Sciences and Public Health Students Worldwide.

The aim of IMEP is to creat an atmosphere where Medical Students from different countries will interact in a professional and horizontal manner to share information and knowledge about theirs academics and their respective health systems. This is to improve the capacities, complementarity and the performance of both parties.

You can either register as an AMBASSADOR, a PARTICIPANT or Both.

Your role as AMBASSADOR would be to make a list of students from your medical school that would like to participate, and make sure once they are connected to another Student in a different country, it goes smoothly. And you’ll be the one to monitor them to know if the relationship is benefiting them . You’ll have to make a monthly report.
More over, the Participants (Couples) will benefit from one another’s culture and possible opportunities.
What you’ll gain as AMBASSADOR will be a plus on your resume (CV) and the ability to manage a group of Students.

Do not hesitate to share this form with your friends in Medical Schools.

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By Jores Jeufack

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