Internally Displaced Persons Assistance:Act 1-Dschang

Dear followers and members of World Medical Students 🙏
Remember we collected (and are still collecting) donations from you for the past 2 weeks to assist Internally Displaced People (#IDPs) who left their hometowns to neighbouring towns in cameroon due to some crises.

We saw children living in a room without parents, without bed and without food. And from our research, we saw that these populations are exposed to raping, violation and death.

Thanks to you, yesterday (Sunday) we brought Joy and hope in their lives and it’s just the first round. We believe and hope that you’ll continue to give so that we continue assisting them throughout. They have our support for basic healthcare and health Éducation.

Special thanks to Students from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Dschang (Biomedical sciences and General Medicine) and to the administration for the massive contribution.
Thanks to all the members and non members for the useful donations , and thanks to WMS staff for the organization.
We continue next week Sunday!!!🙏✨
Give a little and be blessed 🙏✨

They are so grateful. Thanks for the donations. We continue !!

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